Grand Opening: Welcome to Deadwood

On June 16, the Deadwood South Dakota Chamber of Commerce hosted a grand opening of the beautiful new Deadwood Welcome Center.

The new building is over 9,000 square feet and features exhibit and display space, along with 24-hour information access for visitors of the area. Split Rock Studios helped bring the rich history of Deadwood to life inside the new building with a mix of stories and images that show how Deadwood has grown and changed over time.

A large kiosk with an interactive Deadwood map and monitors greets visitors as they enter the building. With a nod to the area’s history, this kiosk shows all the things there are to do and see while visiting Deadwood.

A walk-through miners camp helps visitors envision what life was like in Deadwood in 1876 From the trees and wildlife, to the tent and the mining artifacts, the exhibit recreates the humble beginnings of this now bustling city.

A mural with dozens of historic photos shows the progression of transportation used to bring thousands of settlers to the area looking for gold.

Larger-than-life images and media highlight year-round outdoor activities in Deadwood.

Historic and modern images on huge lenticular panels move and change as you walk past, showing how Deadwood has grown from an iconic mining town to a vacation hot spot in the middle of the Black Hills.

Split Rock is proud to have been a part of the Chamber’s effort to showcase the beauty, history, and attractions of Deadwood, South Dakota.