With innovative designers and skillful exhibit fabricators all under one roof, anything is possible. By combining our design expertise with proven execution capabilities, we specialize in meeting goals and exceeding expectations.


Project Planning

We’ll guide you through the early stages of your project—forming an exhibit committee, setting a budget, and planning a project kickoff. 

Kickoff/Workshop Facilitation

Our design teams facilitate an in-depth project kickoff, working with your group to define exhibit goals, establish audience, and start the brainstorming process.

Schematic Design

Starting with the big picture, our design teams map your story on a floor plan, establish the exhibit look and feel, and develop key visitor experiences.

Design Development

With an established floor plan, we move into detailing your exhibits—specifying materials, dimensioning components, writing exhibit text, and selecting images.

Interpretive Text + Proofing

Our skilled developers craft your story with just the right tone, making your content relevant and accessible.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers establish color palettes, fonts, and style for exhibit graphics that engage visitors and elevate your story.

Interactives + Multimedia

From tactile to mechanical to AV interactives, our design teams create memorable experiences for visitors of all ages and abilities.

Cost Analysis

Our in-house estimators provide estimates at every phase of design to ensure that the finished design fits your stated budget.

Facility Coordination

Whether you’re building a new facility, renovating a current space, or just de-installing existing exhibits, we work with your staff and any third-party partners to make sure the space is ready for your new exhibits.

Project Management

As your main point of contact, our project managers oversee the design team and ensure everyone is on the same page throughout design.


Construction Detailing

Our CAD detailers create construction drawings for every exhibit component, prioritizing durability and ADA accessibility every step of the way.

Custom Casework + Finishing

Our master carpenters build 100% custom casework and components that stand the test of time.

CNC Milling

Our in-house CNC milling operation helps us create custom cabinetry on any timeline.

Artifact Displays + Mount Making

Our fabricators build custom mounts, selecting the appropriate mounting method to ensure optimal collections care.

Graphic Output

Graphic designers prepare output-ready files, select appropriate substrates, and review all finished graphics for quality and color match.

Themed Environments

As part of our commitment to immersive experiences, we select props, build replicas, and age objects to create the perfect scene.


Integrating sculptural groundforms with custom-fabricated wildlife and plants, our artists create stunningly realistic habitats.

Hand-painted Murals

Whether they are creating standalone pieces or integrating murals within a scene, our artists can recreate historic or natural settings with incredible accuracy.

Sculpture + Replicas

Our artists hand-sculpt and paint plants, animals, and people that bring your story to life.

Digital Art Fabrication

From in-house 3D printing to custom CNC foam routing, we use the latest technology to streamline our art fabrication processes.

Interactives + Multimedia

Our fabricators and media specialists work together to prototype, test, and integrate each interactive component for a finished product that lasts.

Delivery + Installation

After carefully packing each exhibit component for shipping, our builders travel to site for a comprehensive installation of every component.


We ensure you have all the training and information you need to keep your exhibits fresh and running for years to come.

Project Management

Our project managers oversee the entire build process from contracting through final installation, keeping you informed every step of the way.

A Proven Process

Over the last 20 years, we have developed the most effective ways to bring your ideas to life, fine-tune your content, and build an incredible exhibit that lasts. First time creating an exhibit? No sweat—we lead clients through this process every day.


Schematic Design

Design Development




Grand Opening

Kick Off

Schematic Design

Design Development




Grand Opening

Getting Started

We facilitate project kickoffs, listening to and learning from your exhibit committee. 

Shareholder Engagement

We’ll advise you on how to build your exhibit committee and which stakeholders to engage when.

Big Picture + Details

Our process starts with the big picture and winnows down to details, ensuring we ask the right questions at the right time.

Collaboration + Feedback

Partnerships are key to our process. Every step of the way, we integrate and respond to your feedback, for a finished product your entire group can get behind.

Time + Resource Management

We communicate top priorities and upcoming information needs during each project phase, so you can focus your energy on the things that matter most.

Spotlight: Project Management

Our project managers are with you for the life of your project, providing perspective and prioritization every step of the way. Whether you work with Split Rock on a design or fabrication project, these key strategizers deliver team leadership, clear communication, and peace of mind.

Spotlight: Estimating

We’re committed to helping you get the most bang for your buck—no matter how many “bucks” you have. At the beginning of your project, we work with you to set a realistic budget. Then at every project checkpoint, our estimators work with the rest of the team to ground your designs in dollars and cents.

Spotlight: Estimating

We’re committed to helping you get the most bang for your buck—no matter how many “bucks” you have. At the beginning of your project, we work with you to set a realistic budget. Then at every project checkpoint, our estimators work with the rest of the team to ground your designs in dollars and cents.

Spotlight: Installation

When the same people who build your exhibit are the ones who install it, great results come naturally. Our builders and artists get to know you and your space long before installation day, resulting in time savings, well integrated exhibits, and familiar faces.

We’ve partnered with hundreds of incredible organizations over the years.

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