Now Hiring: Builder

As a Split Rock Studios Builder, you will utilize your mastery of build techniques, understanding of CAD drawings, and real-world experiences to create 100% custom exhibit components that are high quality, functional, easily installed, and true to the designer and client’s vision.


The Ideal Candidate is…

Self-motivated. You are able to work independently on complex and deadline-driven projects, asking questions as needed to keep the project on track.

Diplomatic. You communicate with respect and clarity to project team members, other builders and artists, and most importantly, our clients.

Innovative. Being creative, resourceful, and solution-oriented comes naturally to you, so you’re excited for the variety associated with 100% custom projects.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Intake
    • Read and understand building blueprints and detailed construction drawings.
    • Coordinate with Purchaser to ensure all component parts and materials are acquired in an efficient manner prior to start of construction.
    • Redline prints with necessary edits and return them to CAD detailer for revision.
  • Development
    • Advise designers on build strategy, durability, and functionality.
    • Prototype components to ensure they work well in an exhibit environment.
    • Set up and test simple electronic components prior to on site installation.
  • Build and Assembly
    • Measure, cut and assemble custom cabinetry, furniture, and mechanical interactives, and more based on CAD drawings.
    • Process and assemble CNC parts as needed.
    • Continuously evaluate components for ease of installation, communicating concerns with Shop Foreman and PM for troubleshooting.
    • Operate the following machinery skillfully, safely, and effectively:
      • Saws (table saw, rolling bed table saw, band saw, horizontal metal cutting band saw)
      • Miter box
      • Drill press
      • Hammer Drill
      • Pocket hole machine
      • Shaper
      • Planer
      • Hinge machine
      • Pinch roller
      • Power hand tools
      • Nail/staple guns
  • Finishing
    • Apply laminates, veneers, and other surface finishes to exhibit components
    • Prep components for paint booth.
    • Install graphics, interactive components, and overlays onto finished piece.
    • Pack exhibit components safely and load them onto truck for transportation to site.
  • Installation
    • Travel to job site via car, truck, or plane as determined by management.
    • Prepare job site for installation including moving obstacles, prepping doorways, and laying down poly sheeting to protect floors.
    • Unload exhibit components from truck into exhibit installation area in a safe and professional manner
    • Complete exhibit installation tasks as needed, including but not limited to:
      • Leading the install team, and/or taking direction from the Lead Builder.
      • Placing and securing cabinetry, reading rails, graphics, and exhibit furniture.
      • Using ladders and lifts to hang graphics, taxidermy, and overhead pieces.
      • Troubleshooting surprises and challenges as needed in partnership with Project Manager.
      • Assisting artists, graphics installers, and lighting designers as needed based on agreed upon project scope of work.
      • Answering client questions throughout installation while working to eliminate any punch list items.
      • Cleaning exhibit area completely prior to departure.

Physical Requirements:

  • Lift a minimum of 75 pounds safely.
  • Move and maneuver heavy loads efficiently, asking for assistance as needed for safe operation at SRS shop and on-site
  • When traveling, builders may work 12 hour days consistently for up to 12 straight days.
  • Withstand long periods on your feet (builders are primarily on their feet all day or moving around the shop).
  • Work overtime when needed, including occasional weekends when traveling.


Travel Requirements:

  • Builders are required to travel to project sites as needed to measure buildings and/or install exhibits. This can include travel by car, truck, or plane. Willingness to fly is a requirement.
  • Installations are typically completed in two weeks. For large projects, installation may be broken up into multiple two-week phases.
  • Depending on the installation, 12 hour days may be required in order to complete the project in a timely manner. These 12 hour days can continue for up to 12 days straight.
  • Travel is confirmed and communicated three weeks prior to installation. Builder schedules are taken into consideration when planning projects and installation dates


To apply, please submit a resume to with “Builder” in the subject line. No phone calls please.


Split Rock Studios is an Equal Opportunity Employer.