In the News: Larger Than Life Exhibits at Custer State Park

Hands-on exhibits at Custer State Park encourage visitors to see the park in new ways. Stunning photomurals and replica rock spires highlight recreational activities for visitors of all interests and backgrounds—and encourage them to share their own photographs from park adventures. These interactive experiences give visitors a deeper understanding of the park, equipping them for moments of discovery in nature.

An interactive map that is part of the exhibit orients visitors to the park and lets them know where the bison herds are on any given day. Life-size bison cutouts teach visitors about bison biology and behavior, and high-tech interactives emphasize visitor safety around these powerful animals. “The wildlife live here in the park and we’re actually the visitors to their park and we have to treat all of the wildlife with respect and give them the space that they need to go about their daily activities,” said Craig Pugsley, Custer State Park visitor services coordinator.


At a recent site visit, we experienced the close interaction with the park’s bison first hand!

Bison looking for a tasty treat did this fantastic impressionist artwork on our salty car.

 Inquisitive bison make fast friends with park guests, like SRS Developer Tom Church.