New Exhibits at SPARK Children’s Museum

We’re excited to celebrate new exhibits opening at SPARK Children’s Museum!

Organization name: SPARK Children’s Museum
Exhibit name: SPARK City
Grand Opening May 10th

Filled with endless potential for interaction, the SPARK City exhibits bring playful energy to visitors of all ages.

While large-scale city buildings welcome visitors into the space, it’s the interactivity that keeps them there! Powered by an artificial intelligence, the SPARK City interactive game empowers players to experience how a community manages traffic, utilities, real estate development, energy production, and more. As visitors make choices, the game changes and adapts in real time, mimicking the ever-evolving nature of city planning.

A combination of physical and mental challenges (how do you solve the traffic maze?) throughout the space encourages communication, teamwork, and critical thinking. At SPARK City, visitors learn that they can solve problems together (and make some friends along the way).

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