Project Spotlight: Power of the People Exhibit

Nearly a century ago, a historic social movement rippled across the Great Plains. As American industries powered full steam ahead, the chasm widened between farm and city life. Rural families remained vastly underserved by public utilities.

That is, until the people stood up.

Rural electrification was an incalculable improvement to the quality of daily life, especially for women. Families were in awe as they witnessed lights turning on across the state of North Dakota. And it didn’t happen by chance. The unwavering determination of North Dakotans—a determination to roll up their sleeves and do the work when no one else would—made this historic moment possible. This story is about the tremendous power of teamwork: a commitment to community, to democracy, and to the environment. The impact of electric cooperatives continues today and into the future.

This exciting new exhibition at the heritage center explores the power of the people in North Dakota.